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We are a programming Agency, a generator of artistic contents and production that joins together a select group of creatives, artists and professionals in the field of production, dedicated to generate, program, produce and communicate artistic projects in the United States of America and Mexico.

We have an extensive career in which we have carried out successful projects in the field of performing arts and literature, specializing in programming and production, working together with national and international institutions, public and private, independent artists, producers, promoters and specialists in marketing in the arts and culture sectors. All this with the mission of generating a permanent exchange between artists and audiences.



Cristina Vazquez, Director and founder of Syncretik Productions Inc. LLC. has been a cultural manager and promotor in Mexico for more than 18 years. She has worked for various festivals and public and private institutions, as well as with Mexican and foreign artists. Her multicultural and multidisciplinary profile led her to found Sycretik Productions in Chicago in 2015, with the purpose of programming and producing shows with artists from all over the world, with a special emphasis on binational projects between Mexico and the United States of America.











Syncretik Productions LLC. is based in the city of Chicago Illinois, from where we provide various services:

  • Artistic programming

  • Production of theater, dance and music plays

  • Production of festivals and shows in theaters and unconventional venues

  • Tour production

  • Artistic representation in USA and Mexico.

  • Advisory:


Counseling and processing of work visas and permits in Mexico and the United States (exclusively for artists) in partnership with a corporate law firm.

  • Negotiating of Contracts

  • Scenarios

  • Bridge Program


The Bridge Program is a platform that offers support for national and international mobility of independent artists and artistic groups, which promotes their professionalization as companies or
cultural industries, motivates the presentation of innovative shows and encourages the dialogue and creation of professional networking among their participants.



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